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bed bugs

Over the past decade as are our nation has seen a major increase in bed bug outbreaks. The ease of traveling and selling used items or furniture has continued to aid in the outbreak throughout the U.S. Sometimes people will try to tackle bed bugs by using home remedy and do-it-yourself methods but unfortunately, the results they yield are often hit and miss and usually can make problems worse. 

Often it's misunderstood that the breeding environments for bed bugs are dirty,  unclean homes, apartments or hotels. This is a false belief, as they can hitchhike on almost any item . Once they find a new home, or breeding ground, their numbers will multiply rapidly.

Bed bugs are known for their nocturnal and cryptic natures. If you are seeing them in the daytime and out in the open, it is a sure sign that it's time to call the professionals.

bed bug eggs_hydrapestcontrol

what we do

Prior to arriving to your home, our service professionals will provide experts advice in slowing the outbreak of bed bugs. Your first service includes an inspection of all areas in the home or building.


We then add several barriers inside the home which will rapidly slow and decrease the numbers of the bed bugs. Our service include follow-up visits to return and treat the remaining activity.  Our process includes products that work effectively and quickly, yet are friendly to people and pets.

Don't want the bed bugs to bite? 

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