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Pocket gophers

If you keep finding mounds of dirt showing up around your garden, yard or landscapes, chances are you are dealing with pocket gophers. These little rodents are known for their excessive damage to your vegetation and landscaping.

The tunnels that pocket gophers create can be quite extensive over a localized area. They are known to be more solitary which means there can be anywhere from 1-3 gophers in an active area. 

The most common way to identify a pocket gopher is by the shape of the dirt mounds they create. When they are pushing the excess dirt out from their tunnels, the dirt will form a fan or horseshoe shaped mound, with the covered tunnel opening at the center of it. 

what we do

We're not afraid to get our hands dirty, in fact we enjoy it. Our methods on removing pocket gophers are proven to be the most effective approach in the industry.


When they arrive, your service professional will assess the property and activity to identify the most recent, active mounds. Through a variety of methods, they will treat the mounds and set markers to keep track of treated areas.

Following the first visit, our gopher service includes free follow up visits to return to the property to reevaluate the treated mounds and check the overall progress.

Tired of all the dirt mounds?

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