Unlike most insects, bees are usually the insect that many want to keep around. Their ability to cross pollinate help so many industries in the U.S. However, since the introduction to the African Honey Bee in the early 19th century, the normal honey bee has cross breed with the African Honey Bee making them more aggressive if their hive is disturbed. In other circumstances these bees can choose voids or cavities inside homes and structures to build their hive.  Whatever your feelings towards the bees, we have services to accommodate your preferences.

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Depending on your preferences, the service will include a thorough inspection to know how to best approach the removal of the bee hive.  We have learned from experience that just treating the surface will yield poor results and often cause unsanitary conditions, making it easier for other pests to come in and live nearby.  Each situation is unique and requires a professional approach to ensure your are taken care of. 

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