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The common wasps that we typically see in the desert are the Paper Wasp, Yellow Jacket and Tarantula Hawk. Paper wasps and Yellow Jackets are social insects meaning they have a nest survive in a group but with the Tarantula Hawk, they are solitary or usually survive on their own.

It is uncommon for wasps to be aggressive towards people or pets unless provoked in some way. If they are trying to sting you, it's possible that a female is protecting their nest nearby or has been disturbed from gathering food or water.

Unlike their relative, the Honey Bee, Wasps have smaller barbs on their stinger which allows them to sting and withdraw repeatedly.  When a wasp stings, it will simultaneously release a pheromone, signalling other wasps in the colony to come attack.


Scorpions love many hiding places around the home. They commonly look for wood piles, trash, boards, bricks, stones and other cluttered items up next to your home.  We recommend organizing and removing the items away from the home and keeping grass and vegetation trimmed around the home. Trees close to the home can also be an easy way for scorpions to bridge their way to the home.

What we do

Our general pest control programs include treating for scorpions using the right products and techniques. During each visit, your home will be inspected for hot spots and treated by applying wide foundation barriers around the home. We know how they get in and will find suggestions to help you better protect your home. We know where they like to hide, which is why we focus on the cracks, voids and crevasses around the home, making sure that any entry point is covered. Unlike most companies, we don't water down our products to save a buck, you can expect to get your home treated as if it were our own.


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