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Subterranean Termite

Sub Termites Pre Treat

Building a new home or addition. Are you a residential or commercial contractor? We are the right company for any size job. Let us help you protect your future project.

More and more lenders are requiring a warranty or proof of treatment provided against subterranean termites. This service is best when applied right before any part of the foundation is poured. 

Plus, Arizona is known for dealing with subterranean termites all over the state. Theses termites don't sleep! They are active both in the winter and summer months and exist in mountain and desert climates.

Our service comes with a 5 year minimum warranty, using modern products that transfer amongst the termite colony. Get a head start on protecting your new investment.


NO short term products.

NO cut corners.

NO skipped services. ​

NO scare tactics.

Sub Temites Post Treat

Subterranean Termite
Post Construction Treatment

Undoubtedly, termites can be a scary topic when it comes to buying a used home or finding them unexpectedly in your current home or business.


With Hydra Pest Control, we have the knowledge and experience to find them and control them for good. 

Drywood termite Service

Drywood Temites

One of the more common types of termites we find in Arizona is the Drywood Termite. This termite can cause significant damage leaving behind hollowed out wood and piles of frass or droppings from resourcing the wood.


Leaving these termites untreated can cause expensive damage and often devalue a home or property. Our service takes a thorough approach to controlling these termites and making sure they don't come back. 

Carpenter Ants


Occasionally, you will have ants enter the home searching for food and resources.


Sometimes ants known as carpenter ants can take up residence inside your home making their nest or colony inside the wood material inside the walls. 

We have the right tools to find the colony and eliminate them from the home for good.


Termite Inspections

Are you planning on buying or refinancing a home or commercial property? We provide a thorough, honest and accurate inspection with a detailed digital report. 

Sometimes in the process of refinancing or purchasing real estate, your lender will require a Wood Destroying Inspection (WDIIR). As a certified licensed company we will inspect the home, building or property and provide you with an AZ State WDIIR Form or NPMA-33 Form report.


Wood PRE-Treat Service

Wood Pre-Treat

Are you remodeling a home or building that had termites?


Do you want to add an even longer residual barrier against termites or wood destroying pests.


Our wood framing treatment provides additional protection for the life of the wood framing.

Ask about our wood treatment service.

 products with advanced
transfer technology
means Greater peace of mind

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